Labyrinth's Images Exceed PhotoBucket Monthly BandWidth Limit

A large number of blog surfers are bloggers themselves and most of them have used free templates, free domains and free web hosting at the start of their blogging careers. What more, even you could be one of them! Had it been so, then whose template did you use for your blog? Was it a default template or a template downloaded from another site and customized to meet your own taste?

Well, the template that I used right now is called "Minyx" and was developed by B-Themes. However, unfortunately, B-Themes had hosted all the photos on Photobucket free account which allows the bandwidth of 10GB per month. As and when this template kept on getting popular, the load on the Photobucket servers kept on increasing and one the limit got cracked. If you've been a regular visitor of my blog then I'm sure you must have noticed the screw up. I had images all over my blog saying "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded". It was a huge mess.

"All's well that ends well." I must appreciate B-Themes for their efforts since as soon as I contacted them of my misfortune, I got each and every image, used on my blog, emailed and uploaded to my personal Google Pages account. Now, it's true that even Google Pages have a bandwidth limit but they simply refuse to disclose the amount. Now all I can do is keep my fingers crossed that I don't shoot the roof there too, in near future.

Moreover, if you wish to know more about this particular problem, why don't you head over to eBlogTemplates' post titled "Are your Blogger images not showing up"?

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