Dare The Dream!

Daring To Dream

Do you dream? Do you have a passion that you might want to fulfill with all your heart? Do you have any hobby that some day becomes your ambition, your obsession? Did you ever try giving everything else in your life a second priority just so that you can spend one whole day doing what you love to do the best? Well, if you happen to reply a "yes" to any of the above questions, then I'm sure you shall surely understand the amount of passion I possess for the things and people I love.

Incidentally, even I happen to possess a little dream of my own. It's been over 3 years now that I've been on the blogosphere. First it was Rediff, then Yahoo & now Blogger. Yet, I still can't call myself a pro in blogging. Yes, I've been a very slow learner as far as blogging is concerned. But I would also like to speak a few words in my defense. I'm not a born writer. I've been imbibing the art of writing into myself from the time I first started to blog. Moreover, I happen to study in a college where regular and active internet connection is almost non-existent (yeah I know, I've been putting up this particular reason for a long long time now. Unfortunately the course of engineering takes a minimum of 4 years, which is a long time in itself). The fact that I don't own a personal computer, at the hostel I stay in, only adds up to my woes.

I'm sorry, I guess I got deflected from the topic. I was talking about my dream, wasn't I? Well, I love blogging and I feel the time has finally come for me to start giving a makeover to my blog page. I've been using free templates all this while. It's a shame that I still couldn't muster the CSS and Photoshop. Now, I feel, it's high time I got a custom blog page built for myself. I have been scourging for web designers who could help me out with the same, for quite some time now. I have a good friend named Ashwin George who'd helped me a lot in the design part but unfortunately, it seems, he's too busy maintaining his own affairs. So, I thought, I need to start looking elsewhere. After much ado, I finally happened to come across "MoonArts.com" who seem to be great and are ready to get my web page revamped for $70 USD. I've decided to go for it. After all, first impressions do matter, don't they?

Unfortunately, I've got just $11.79 USD in my PayPal account and I shall have to depend on donations for the rest of it. Hence, if you feel that my blog page is worth a pinch of salt and that I have the power to attract more readers to my page, then kindly donate some amount (minimum $1 USD) to my PayPal account (id: shayon.pal@gmail.com). If you don't have an account on PayPal, you can still donate money by clicking on the "PayPal Donate" button on this page and transferring the dollar using your credit card. And yeah, it's absolutely safe. Kindly help me out in my quest. If you wish, I'm even ready to host a button or banner on my page linking to your establishment.

Lastly, but never the least, I'd like to thank my dear friend Sally for donating the first dollar. Thanks a lot.

An Afterthought : Just realized that this was the 100th post I this year. It's the highest me and Sakshi have ever posted. I hope this shows that we are on the right track.

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